I found myself feeling heard in a way that I don’t normally, even with a friend. If you’re new to coaching, it’s really different. Laura gives this understanding, like a resonance, with your own lived experience. Then she has the skill set, the expertise– and when you combine the two together, you just get heard and felt straightaway.
You know, I’m normally a confident, articulate woman, but I really struggle to be specific and explicit about what I want in relationship and intimacy. On the other side, I’ve been bossy and domineering in my marriage. But I don’t want to be that person. It’s helped so much to learn to be more tethered in my body, and less in my head, where I can get really disconnected because of my trauma past. – Kate
I have come so far (no pun intended lol) since working with Laura. I am much braver and my new relationship is amazing with her help. When we reached out after our first bump in the road, she helped us together (she works with me solo and us together) to work on a repair process that left us closer. Laura helps tap into body memories and feelings that typically aren’t reached in common therapy/coaching practices. Hire her now! She is also great at celebrating wins with you! – Lisa Madsen, LCSW

I’m actually ready to date now for the first time in years. I feel trusting in doing exercises with Laura. I can now connect with parts of myself that I couldn’t reach before, and have them held by someone else. This work is really life-changing. I recommend it — it’s easier than you think. – Marke

I felt very comfortable immediately because of Laura’s generous and open style of communication. Her willingness to share and not stigmatize anything about me. That we get to have an authentic connection was attractive to me, unlike therapy and coaching I’ve had before where it felt like there was a power dynamic.
I recommend Laura to anybody who’s distanced from being intimate with other people, particularly Q+ people because I think we all need more safe space– Jo
I really remember that Laura’s coaching had a massive impact from the get go. The first time I worked with Laura I distinctly remember after I came back the second time, I felt really great. I was like, “What did you do? Did you give me drugs over zoom? Like what sort of magic shit is this, because it’s awesome and I want more.
I think anybody could benefit from Laura’s coaching. Especially people who are nervous or not sure they know where to start. And anyone who thinks they don’t really need coaching because it’s “not bad enough” – like “ I’ll just muddle along. It’s fine.” People think they should not pay to learn to feel better, but then they go buy a house and just wind up miserable in that house. Or spend millions on one day getting married and then everything is awful still.
How easy it has been surprised me. These sessions don’t feel like work. I don’t do a huge amount of journaling or work outside of the sessions that we do. I didn’t expect it to be so easy or so impactful.
The transformation has been huge. I look back now and see how I would have dealt with some of the situations that I am dealing with now and I just go “Oh, my God, thank goodness I did this and I’m not dealing with it that way anymore.”
The concern I had before we started was that I thought that it sounded too good to be true. I was doubting myself — that it wouldn’t work for me. But that went away very, very quickly. I tried it and there was no going back. 
The effects have been really impactful for me, my friendships, my relationships with people. I now think consciously about what I want out of my whole life, not just my work life. Everything feels so much more manageable. I don’t sit at home feeling lonely or disconnected from people. There’s a lot more connection going on. – Treasa