Ready to stop feeling bad about your sex life?

I'm here to help.

A lot of people ~ especially women ~ struggle to feel good in their bodies and free in their sexuality. 

A lot of couples have intimacy challenges and libido mismatches. 

When you’re there, it creates stress, pain and anxiety. 

I know, because I was stuck there for many years. 

But you don’t have to stay there. You don’t have to keep avoiding it.

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Play Your Way to Better Sex

It’s an easy, fun way to get out of your head &
start playing with simple touch.
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 Stop feeling bad about your sex life.

As a dual-certified coach, I use effective, research-based mind-body practices to help you connect with your body and your partner, and release what’s in your way. 

This is the approach that worked for me and it works for my clients. For more detail, read About Me

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Examples of issues we solve:

Getting out of your head & into your body

Finding your turn-ons & boosting your libido

Sexual empowerment after trauma

Asking for and getting what you want 

Fitting intimacy into busy lives

Freeing yourself from body shame, sexuality shame, gender & culture biases

Attuning to yourself and your partner

Overcoming libido mismatches in couples

Age and lifestyle changes that impact sexuality

Releasing inhibitions

Opening up relationships & embracing kinks

Getting what you want in dating