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Getting & Giving Better Touch

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You deserve to glory in all the pleasure your body is capable of,
and all the connection your soul desires.

I’m here to help.
My clients are queer and hetero individuals and couples who are ready to transform their sex lives, have better romantic connections, and enjoy life to the fullest. 
We work together using proven, experiential, body-based practices to get you exactly where you want to be. 
De-shaming sexuality is one of my core missions. This is a shame-free zone. 

How we are socialized by gender has a lot to do with our sex & relationship patterns as adults.

Everyone is unique, but themes often show up along socialized gender lines. Results my clients get regardless of gender include:
Finding & owning your sexual confidence & unique turn-ons
Overcoming desire mismatches in couples
Age-related changes to sexual performance & interest 
Learning to communicate well & solve resentments
Overcoming religious shame & inhibition
Enjoying sober sex 
Dating and choosing partners, including post-divorce
Other goals & challenges tend to be gendered. See below for some common results cis-gendered women and men get in our work together. Aspects of both lists often apply for non-binary, intersex, and trans clients, plus additional challenges like body dysmorphia, dating, safety, and disclosure. I help people navigate those too.


Make menopause and perimenopause the sexiest times of your life
Have more & better orgasms, or start having them
Boost arousal at any age
Learn to identify, ask for & get what you want
Solve Lesbian bed death & sexlessness
Set good boundaries & stop people-pleasing
Come out queer with confidence regardless of age
Get out of your head in bed
Say goodbye to body image issues
Find your sexy despite chronic health issues or pain 


Learn to be a fantastic lover to women
Learn to last longer & have better orgasms
Have more reliable, better erections
Learn to date and flirt without being creepy
Know how to get consent while keeping it sexy
Embrace your kinks & get your desires met
Reignite the spark in relationships
Overcome desire mismatch in couples
Learn to manage your emotions, including anger & fear