There is more connection & pleasure available for you. Ready to get it?

Welcome. I'm Laura.

A lot of smart, successful women struggle to get the affection, intimacy, and deep connection they want.

Not to mention orgasms. A lot of us struggle with those too!

It’s not your fault, or your well-intentioned partner’s.

We just aren’t taught the ways of knowing our own bodies and communicating with each other that lead to the most fulfilling intimate connections. 

It’s my business to solve this problem.

I’m very good at it. 

My program is evidence-based. I teach effective, science-backed mind-body skills that 
are actually enjoyable and relaxing. 

After all, you don’t need more hard work.

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It’s an easy, guided way to get out of your head and
explore the type of touches that your body loves. 

Do it solo, or with a partner.
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You deserve to glory in all the pleasure your body is capable of,
and all the connection your soul desires.

If you feel too busy for that, there’s a problem. 

If you just don’t know how to get there, you’re not alone.
We’re not taught these things. They aren’t sold in stores. 
The answer to your own pleasure puzzle is in you, but it’s normal to need help finding it. 

That’s where I come in. I teach evidence-based, mind-body practices to help you. This work is practical and skill-building. As a former science professor, I’m all about what works. 

This is the approach that worked for me and it works for my clients. Check out What Clients Say

This is a shame-free zone. Wherever you are is a perfect place to start. 

My clients are successful women and their partners of all genders who are ready to learn how to let pleasure & connection nourish and recharge them from busy lives. 

Common issues I help people solve:

Getting out of your head & into your body
Finding your unique turn-ons
Asking for and getting what you need 
Figuring out how to fit sexual connection into busy lives
Freeing yourself from body shame, sexual shame, gender & culture biases
Attuning to your true desires and your partner’s
Overcoming libido mismatches in couples
Age and lifestyle changes that impact sexuality
Learning to hear & be heard effectively
Staying connected during life’s ups and downs
Releasing inhibitions
Opening up relationships & embracing kinks
Getting what you want in dating