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Find your secret turn-ons today.

This free, easy guide walks you through how to discover, understand, and play with your own deepest turn-ons. 

Stop feeling bad about your sex life. 

Effective, research-based help is here to help you. 

Stop feeling pressure to be different. 

Know exactly what turns you on. 

Start being able to talk to partners about it. 

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Curious about working with me? Here are some of the issues we can solve together. 

Getting out of your head & into your body

Releasing feelings of obligation & embracing what you want

Finding your turn-ons & boosting your libido

Sexual empowerment after trauma

Asking for and getting what feels good to you

Fitting intimacy into busy lives

Freeing yourself from shame about your desires & your body

Attuning to yourself and your partner

Overcoming libido mismatches in couples

Age and lifestyle changes that impact sexuality

Releasing inhibitions

Opening up relationships & embracing kinks

Dating confidently