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The Wheel of Erotic Emotions

This visual tool will help you identify and work with the feelings that turn you on, so you can have more control over your arousal. If you haven’t yet, sign up for emails to get the Quick Start Guide video on how to use it. 
Download the Wheel of Erotic Emotions_v2023
for the full version of the Erotic Wheel with instructions

Past Events & Free Recordings

Empowered Boundaries 101

Learning the difference between healthy, empowered boundaries and false, manipulative ones will make all the difference in your relationships with others — and your relationship with yourself. 

Start with this video and this 7-minute blog read. 

Self-Healing with Vagus Nerve Basics

If you want to have a stronger mind-body connection, manage stress better, connect better with other humans, improve digestion, and generally release a bunch of tension you hold in your body, this short video will help.

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