New things!


Okay, maybe not as new as this little baby sea star…

Currently in the hopper

Collaboration with Bodega Marine Lab graduate student Aaron Ninekawa, who is leading the research into mussel beds’ effects on water chemistry (pH, dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, pCO2). So many species live inside mussel bed habitats, and we know almost nothing of the way they are affected by the intense respiration and calcification activities of the dense aggregation of mussels around them, so this is super exciting. Manuscript in preparation.

We have detected what appears to be poleward range expansion of marine/estuarine invasive species in southeast Alaska (manuscript in review). Collaboration with Temple University graduate students, Alaska Sea Grant and UA Fairbanks scientist Gary Freitag, and the citizen science invasive species monitoring program Plate Watch led by Linda McCann at Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC).

Excited to be attending the Gordon Research Conference Unifying Ecology Across Scales, being convened in Maine in July under the leadership of Drs. Mary O’Connor (UBC) and Angelica Gonzalez (Rutgers).

It’s looking like very particular prey functional groups (groups of species that share traits like body plans and are often closely related) drive differences in the intensity of predation across latitudes, and whether predators control or release invasive species in estuaries. We’ll be publishing this paper soon, so stay tuned.