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Guilt-free ways to say No graciously

Get more joy & freedom from a simple skill: saying no

About Laura

I am a  certified life coach and a marine scientist. As a coach, I help clients manage their time, energy, and emotions effectively. My clients learn how to have more work-life balance, more success, and more joy in their lives and relationships. I am a CPTSD and trauma survivor, a former homeless youth, and a post-depression thriver. I am passionate about teaching science-based skills for managing our minds and emotions. My mission is to help people struggling with stress, overwhelm, overwork,  and brutal inner critics find their own unique path to deep joy, connection, and emotional wellness. 

Schedule a Free Consultation

To get started, schedule a free 30 to 40-minute consultation. We will discuss your particular situation and do some coaching on at least one of your current issues, so you get some help and a sense of what coaching with me is like. I will answer any questions you bring and go over your options for working with me if we both decide we're a good fit. 

Regardless of whether we work together again or not, you’ll come away from this session with a better understanding of your options in your current situation, and what coaching feels like. I look forward to meeting you. 

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